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Mobile SEO and Analytics Tools

Mobile SEO and Analytics Tools

Mobile SEO and Analytics Tools
Mobile SEO and Analytics Tools

These days Internet is widely used on mobiles. This can bring new possibilities for SEO’s as marketers look forward to take advantages of the opportunity, inherent in mobile search in 2008. There are lots of tools that can help you in Mobile SEO.
1) Mobile Analytics: To track users much better.
2) Mobilizers: To get them Mobile faster.
3) Mobile Directories: To get more new One Way links and gain Link Popularity.
4) Mobile Validators and Emulators: To become Accessible by Search Engines and
get more Mobile Users.
Now let’s have a look to the options available, their advantages and disadvantages.
Why to Use Mobile Analytics?
”Mobile Analytics helps to track the ratio of daily users, unique visitors and overall traffic”
Earlier Traditional Analytics tools have been used for gaining such information, however because of some reasons like inaccurate data and lack of mobile specific metrics, their use has been decreased to a larger extent. And their role has been taken over by new generation Mobile Analytics.
Generally Traditional Analytics uses JavaScript, Cookies or log files to track users and their records. All these methods can create problem for mobile browsers they work differently than traditional browsers. Moreover, if you work with traditional analytics to track users and traffic, there is a high possibility to get bios data and incomplete results. For Beginners to learn it is fine but definitely not for serious users like business people. However, if you’re a dedicated Marketer and used to invest resource as well as your precious time in Mobile search technology then you need to look and upgrade to following Mobile Analytics Packages.
Lets now discuss about some of the popular Mobile Analytics:
  1. Amethon
  2. Bango Analytics
  3. GetMobile Analytics by Quattro Wireless
  4. Mobilytics
In 2008 Bango had launched Mobile Analytics, even before that; Bango has also provided mobile analytics for mobile webmasters in 2000. It came with three versions: Operator Edition, Hosting Edition and Site Edition; but for a mobile marketer can have only Site edition directly to use. So here we will be talking about it.
Amathon Snapshot
Amathon Snapshot
However, Amethon’s Mobile analytics has an advantage of having the sheer number of mobile-specific metrics available in their reports. If you have Google Analytic to track your user and traffic then you may be slightly overwhelmed as here you can have variety of options and huge data for analysis. However, it can help you better in tracking the overall performance of your website on mobile. Specifically for Mobile Search Marketers, you can set benchmarks for your Business campaigns based on Search Engines results and Keywords.
Here you can have the opportunity to optimize them for better results.
Tracking data in Amethon, works by Mirroring the traffic from a webserver to a mobile analytics server and requires additional hardware installation. Pricing for Amethon is determined by page view. It’s currently $1,000 per month for 20 million page views, which makes it competitive with other providers who provide tracking to larger mobile sites.
Bango brings Updated Mobile Analytics product- Bango Vision, which renamed as “Bango Analytics”. Since 1999, it is well-known as Content Delivery System which some people recognized by “Bango Button” or the mobile payment option.
Bango Analytics Snapshot
Bango Analytics Snapshot
If you’re running a small website of a limited budget, still you can track your campaign with bango analytics. Unlike Amethon Analytics, you need not to have extra Hardware installation. Inspite of that the metrics is diverse and reportedly accurate. Marketers can use Bango analytics to track users, data and traffic sources.
With Bango, you can create account and keep the eye on user, keywords, and mobile market analysis. One possible problem with Bango is the way it collect data for SEO analytics. They temporarily redirect user to site where data is collected on the handsets, data such as search terms, server information etc. before they’re sent back to the client site. This is a quick process and user may not have a clue for this. However, it could affect an overall link popularity and Spider crawl ability.
Bango Crawler
Bango Crawler
Bango analytics is a good option for small Websites. It costs for less than 100,000 page views and goes up to $500 (US) per month for up to 5 million page views. I also liked the API and data export options, which might be the incentive for small and large businesses to upgrade from the free versions of Bango Analytics.
Quattro Wireless introduces Mobile Analytics for webmasters with bright possibilities and better option for Traditional Analytics. Unlike another mobile Analytics mentions here GetMobile Analytics is a much better option than Traditional Analytics for Mobile Webmasters. They look at information in the header to track mobile users.
GetMobile Analytics
GetMobile Analytics
This results in almost real-time mobile web analytics, with metrics such as page views, visits and average page views for a marketer’s mobile sites. Setup is easy and self-serve analytics for webmasters.
Mobilytics is Very Similar to Bango and GetMobile Analytics in the way that it’s a hosted solution, and like both it offers mobile marketers a wealth of data about how their mobile web sites are used.
Like Bango and GetMobile which are Hosted Solution for Mobile Analytics, Mobilytics is also a hosted solution. As we have seen with Amethon and Bango, Mobilytics also offers wealth of data about user, keywords etc.
The main reason behind its popularity among all Mobile analytics is that it is completely free. This is only when you add a small text Ad on your website, regardless of the number of page views. Like GetMobile, tracking is done through a widget of code that captures information about server. As tracking of referrals type is difficult with server code, Mobilytics use algorithms to find and rack referral types and data like IP Address.
As long as the mobile technologies are advancing , contribution towards Mobile SEO will eventually increase and with this will increase the use of more such analytics tools. You can get actionable data to marketers for a better analytics solution. Those webmasters who are looking for more detailed information regarding their Mobile website, any of these mentioned packages are better than the traditional analytics.

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Mobile SEO and Analytics Tools
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