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Post Google Panda: Content and SEO relationship

Post Google Panda: Content and SEO


A lot has been talked about Google Panda, content and their impact on SEO. I have heard views of many SEO experts and SEO consultants and most of us agree that post Google Panda, content will have a major role to play to determine success of business rather than rankings.

Pre Google Panda Update Scenario:

Most of Blackhat inclined people used scraped content to rank better than original sites. In fact many a times, just for pleasing search engines, they spinned the content, posted it and got their ranks on unique content which made so sense to human readers.  All the content was written for search engines not for human readers.

What Google Panda Update has done?

Google Panda Update has done what every whitehat SEO consultant or SEO expert desired. They brought down those sites which were using scrapped content and were ranking higher than original sites along with those sites which had plagiarized content on them.

Post Panda Era:

Now the era has come in field of SEO when one can write less but must gain credit and credibility. All those SEO experts or SEO consultant should not just concentrate on reaching top pages of search engine but should pay attention how to reach to audiences.
Times are gone when content were created only for SEO and you can blame lame SEO experts or SEO consultants who advised their clients to go for SEO oriented content sacrificing the quality for the earlier issues.

The great SEO Lie:

If you talk about the famous argument “less is more” which many SEO experts or SEO consultants believe in, that works only great when you don’t have to consider from where and how traffic will come. Though all people who are into SEO will agree to following quote:

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Post Google Panda: Content and SEO relationship
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