Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Rank in Google for Money Traffic through backlink, pagerank and seo

A complete step by step approach to rank on google first page.

I have been receiving lots of questions about how to rank well in google or how google ranks website,how to get to the first page of google ,how to improve website's ranking ,so i finallly decided to answer all  these questions with a complete and appropriate approach to sort out these problem.

How google ranks websites and how to improve google ranking to be in top 10 search results.

Before the complete solution i would like to remove away your misconception about google and your website.

These are  misconception that always lies in every web developer.

(1)Size of a website does not rank you well neither traffic      nor money.

Well the size of a website does not determine your google rank.suppose if you have 400 pages rank and you think that you will rank top in google than you are completely wrong.beacuse size of the website does not determine the rank in google.with a ton of pages you can not rank in top 10 of google.

(2)No. of indexed pages /content does not make you rank well neither traffic nor money.

If your website has 100 pages and 50 of them are indexed by google.than it does not mean that you are ranking well in can even check that by typing your anchor text in search please dont be in illusion that no of indexed pages will lead you to No.1 in google.Yes but one thing matters and it is your rich content at some level if you have done good search engine optimization with your rich content than you can have a good rank but not in yhe top 10 of google.

"""""Than question is what makes my website to rank in top 10 of google first page.""""

(1)No. of  links(Backlinks) with importance of Backlinks

The authority and ranking of a website is determined by Number of links coming to a actually means that other website should give you a link of their own website to your root page/homepage or any page.The More no of links you have the more better you rank in google.well  now you are thinking what is backlink ,backlink is the amount of links from other pages linking to your website.beacuse google's ranking structure is like that it considers websites with backlink as reputed website so i think you should work hard to the off page optimization rather than the on page optimization.

(2)Importance of Pagerank as it increases your visibility on internet and causes good traffic and so money also.

Page rank is measured on a scale of 1 to 10 and assigned to individual pages of your website not the entire rank is determined by google to measure and to determine the importance of your website.
people use various methods like google bomb and link farming  to manipulte pagranking.

I do not want to lie to you but there are only two best ways to rank well in google .many web developer tring to show you same way by different ways.but i want to be very crystal clear and that is .

(1)Get maximum no of links from relevant pages and with high page rank.

(2)Great and rich content.

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Rank in Google for Money Traffic through backlink, pagerank and seo
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