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How to Build Create Backlinks.

WAYS TIPS AND TRICKS TO BUILD AND CREATE BACKLINKS,how to create build make to create build make backlinks.
 How to Build Create Backlinks.
 How to Build Create Backlinks.

Biggest Article to teach how to build and create backlinks through all available resources in detail.Here you will get answers of all the questions that you have asked me in my web forum like"how to create backlinks" and "how to build backlinks" and "ways to build backlinks" "online backlink generator" and many more .so read this article and make backlinks for your website.

If you own a website, you know that the very first thing you need to get in order to be successful is traffic to your website. You also know (or should know) that getting traffic over the long term means getting top ranking in the search engines for search terms that are related to your business. Sure, you can get traffic in the short term by using Adwords and other Pay Per Click (PPC) services. But PPC advertising has become ridiculously expensive over the past couple of years - so expensive that most website owners just can't afford to compete with big companies in this arena. Furthermore, PPC traffic only comes to you as long as you pay for it. If you stop paying, you no longer receive traffic. Traffic from top search engine rankings is different - once you get top positioning then new customers can find you very easily. In short, traffic from top search engine positioning is traffic you will get day in and day out, without having to pay anything for each visitor.

So how do you get top search engine rankings for the search terms of your choice? There are several important factors like good keyword research and having great content on your website. But of all the important factors, by far the most important is having lots of backlinks to your websites. The more links you have the better. And the more relevant thee links are, the better as well.

What are backlinks?

One of the biggest search engines out these days is Google. Google ranks using content, formatting, and linking. The higher that Google calculates the 'quality' of your website, the higher your ranking will be in Google searches. One way to have your website seen as high quality by Google is to have other websites link to it. This is known as backlinking (thus "how to create backlinks").

In this article I will show you how to create backlinks to your website and have it indexed by Google a bit faster (usually). This is by no means meant to be a long and wordy novel on the joys of how to create backlinks. What I'm hoping is to give some simple steps that you can take to jumpstart your site on Google using backlinks.

Ways to Build Backlinks

Even if plenty of backlinks come to your site the natural way, additional quality backlinks are always welcome and the time you spend building them is not wasted. Among the acceptable ways of link building are getting listed in directories, posting in forums, blogs and article directories. The unacceptable ways include inter-linking (linking from one site to another site, which is owned by the same owner or exists mainly for the purpose to be a link farm), linking to spam sites or sites that host any kind of illegal content, purchasing links in bulk, linking to link farms, etc.

The first step in building backlinks is to find the places from which you can get quality backlinks. A valuable assistant in this process is the Backlink Builder tool. When you enter the keywords of your choice, the Backlink Builder tool gives you a list of sites where you can post an article, message, posting, or simply a backlink to your site. After you have the list of potential backlink partners, it is up to you to visit each of the sites and post your content with the backlink to your site in it.

You might wonder why sites as those, listed by the Backlink Builder tool provide such a precious asset as backlinks for free. The answer is simple – they need content for their site. When you post an article, or submit a link to your site, you do not get paid for this. You provide them for free with something they need – content – and in return they also provide you for free with something you need – quality backlinks. It is a free trade, as long as the sites you post your content or links are respected and you don't post fake links or content.

How to build backlinks

    Search Engine Optimization
    Forums,Article Directories and Social Bookmarking
    Online Video Marketing.
    Comment on High PR blog.
    Hubpages and Squidoo.
    Guest post
    Make friend with influence.

1.Search engine optimization

Consider the following points.

Keywords in domain

You must make sure that your keywords are in your domain.For example if your site is about how to build backlinks then ideally your site would be or

Keywords in title tags

You must make sure that your keywords are in your title tags.For example if your site is about poodle manicures then your title tags would look something like:


Keywords in h1 tags

You must make sure that your keywords are in your h1 tags.
For example if your site is about poodle manicures then your h1 tags would look something like:
<h1>Build backlinks</h1>

2.Forums Article directories and Social


Generally search engines index forums so posting in forums and blogs is also a way to get quality backlinks with the anchor text you want. If the forum or blog is a respected one, a backlink is valuable. However, in some cases the forum or blog administrator can edit your post, or even delete it if it does not fit into the forum or blog policy. Also, sometimes administrators do not allow links in posts, unless they are relevant ones. In some rare cases (which are more an exception than a rule) the owner of a forum or a blog would have banned search engines from indexing it and in this case posting backlinks there is pointless.

While forum postings can be short and do not require much effort, submitting articles to directories can be more time-consuming because generally articles are longer than posts and need careful thinking while writing them. But it is also worth and it is not so difficult to do.

A VERY good and popular way to get your website listed on Google is through social bookmarking websites such as Not only do these sites give your website exposure, but they also create tons of backlinks. These sites are indexed by Google pretty regularly, and so your submissions stand a good chance of being indexed quickly. 3 simple steps of getting setup on social bookmarking sites are:

    If it applies, make sure to optimize your article / post headlines for maximum interest.
    Got to to sign up for, and submit your website to, social bookmarking sites
    Make sure to submit your major articles and posts.
    Make sure to add friends and comment on other posts / articles. The more friends that you have, and quality posts and votes that you've made, the more chance you have to get traffic (and backlinks) to your website.
    Get firefox.

    First you need to use the Firefox web browser. We’ll be using some of the plugins for Firefox to get traffic.

    Download Firefox:

    Onlywire is a free service that allows you submit your site to 30 social bookmarking sites with a click of a button.

    Right now the social bookmarking sites OnlyWire will submit to are:
        Google Bookmarks
        Mister Wong
        Yahoo Bookmarks

4:Online  Video Marketing

Video Marketing is a great way to advertise and create backlinks. A Secret: There is usually a lot less competition for the ranking of videos in searches, than the ranking of websites. So there is A LOT of potential to get yourself noticed. Not only will people link to and view your videos, but they will sometimes put your videos on their websites as well! 3 steps to creating backlinks through videos are:

    Sign up for the video website and enter information about your website in your website profile.
    Post funny, shocking, or informative videos that have to do with your website. make sure to use software like Camtasia to edit the video so that it includes a branded watermark .
    Make sure to also post your videos to your blog or website with added text.

5.Comment on high PR blog.

    Leave good comments
    You must leave good & thoughtful comments on a blog.  If you leave spammy comments then the blog owner will delete them and they may ban you from making future comments.  Join the community and contribute something.

    Be patientSome blogs require all comments to be approved by the blog owner before the comment shows up.  If this is the case then bookmark the page where you expect the comment to show up and revisit the page a day later.
    PageRank Changes
    I have sorted the blogs below according to PageRank.  PageRank does change periodically change and if one of the blogs below has a different PageRank then leave a comment at the bottom of this page.
    Consider Low PageRank Sites
    There is a lot more competition for the top commentator spots on blogs that have a high PageRank.  So you may want to start with blogs where it’s easy to become a top commentator.
    You may have to search
    The list of “Top Commentators” is usually on the right side of the blog, but once in a while it’s at the very bottom of the blog.  You may have to spend a minute searching for it.


PageRank 7

PageRank 5

PageRank 4

PageRank 3

PageRank 2

PageRank 1

PageRank 0

5: Hubpages & Squidoo

Squidoo and Hubpages are both websites that provide users with one webpage to write about any topic. This is pretty useful since, just like the social bookmarking sites, these sites are indexed regularly and rank pretty high on Google. A good strategy is to submit articles, that include links back to your website, to these sites as pages. Submit articles with enough quality and people will link back to your squidoo and hubpages sites.

6. Write guest posts

 Sharing unique content is not only a smart content marketing strategy in general, it’s also a great way of generating quality backlinks. Let’s face it – everyone is looking for content these days, and you’d be surprised how many would be interested in having you (or someone in your organization) write for them. Reaching out to popular sites in your particular niche and creating free, unique content is a great opportunity for including backlinks (especially within the text body) pointing to your site.

7. Make friends with influencers

 This is sort of the reverse of the first one, but the idea here is to not make backlinks a one-way street. Find influencers in your coverage area and ask them to contribute an article or two for your site. Why would they do this for free? Remember, you’re not the only one who wants backlinks these days. Writing a unique article for other sites and publications is a great way to boost visibility for folks looking to gain more traction as a thought leader in their field. Once you publish an article they’ve written, send them the link and ask them to promote on their site. And don’t forget to offer to return the favor by writing an article for them as well.

 8.Link Baiting.

 It is essentially a piece of content placed on a web page – whether it’s an article, blog post, picture, or any other section of web – that is designed for the specific intention of gathering links from as many different sources as possible release.

Although this is hardly an everyday way to build backlinks, it is an approach that gives good results, if handled properly. There are many sites (for instance, here is a list of some of them) that publish for free or for a fee news announcements and press releases. A professionally written press release about an important event can bring you many, many visitors and the backlink from a respected site to yours is a good boost to your SEO efforts. The tricky part is that you cannot release press releases if there is nothing newsworthy. That is why we say that news announcements and press releases are not a commodity way to build backlinks.

9.Link Exchange & Blogroll.

 This is most common way to increase your backlinks but Keep in mind you don’t want too many outbound links, so don’t go crazy with link exchanges.

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How to Build Create Backlinks.
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