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5 Secret Mobile Apps For Youngster To hide And Know Secrets

5 Secret mobile application for youngsters to hide data like images and photos and videos along with to know who calls your girlfriend.

5 Secret Mobile Apps For Youngster To hide And Know Secrets
5 Secret Mobile Apps For Youngster To hide And Know Secrets

Youngsters are very interested in knowing about secret apps. so this time we come up with some of the best apps that you can use to protect your data in your mobile phone and also to monitor your girlfriend activities like if you get a number from her phone then you can use truecaller to know the person and suppose if you have some video clips that you want no one watches them then you can use applock and keepsafe for that purpose. so below we will discuss some of this apps that are good for youngsters.

You are using samsung galaxy note 2 and i know that you think this is the best phone you have available but it is still incomplete without this 10 applications. this 10 application will make your mobile perfect and able to face any kind of situation.

This list in includes mobile application related to entertainment, security, fun and every thing.


The first app you should have is shareapps. this share apps mobile application allows you to share any mobile application from your mobile to someone else mobile.  suppose you see a fantastic and very beautiful application in your friends mobile and you also want it in your samsung galaxy note 2 then the share apps will work like a charm for you. with this share apps application you can share any applications.


Second is keep safe. suppose you have a good collection of photos and videos that you do not want to share with anyone. these are your personal photos, like photos for of your family, of your girlfriend and many other personal stuff, then keep safe is the best mobile applications. it allows you to extract your personal photos from your gallery and if you want to see  extracted photos than you will have to enter your password. so password will be set by you that's why it is a very good place to secure your photos. suppose there are many childrens in your family and you do not want your personal photos to be seen by others children and by your friends than keep safe is the best application to protect your photos and videos. only you will be able to access those photos and videos in samsung galaxy note 2 , because you are the only person who knows the password, because the password will be saved by you. so this application is very good for youngsters.


Applock is a very good mobile application. suppose you have some mobile application that you don't want to be accessed by your brothers and sisters then applock will work for you. password can be applied to various mobile applications like your e-mails. your personal e-mail if you don't want someone to read your e-mails then you can set password for that e-mail parts. like e-mail application, there are various other application like calling like contacts and many other things.  for any mobile applications if you want to set a password then you must use applock or say  how to set password for any mobile application in samsung galaxy note 2. if you are searching this query  then you must use a applock mobile application.


It is very useful in india because the electricity goes and comes at a regular period of time then if you have samsung galaxy note 2 and you have installed flash light in your mobile phone then you don't have to buy a torch  because flashlight will work better than any torch for you . it is very simple and easy to use. it it is just a button switch on and switch off and flashlight will work for you as a torch. your mobile is becoming a handy tool for your home appliances.


Next is true caller suppose you are having unknown numbers call then if you want to know who is the person behind this calling and do you want to know the name of this person and place from where he is calling to you then you can use truecaller mobile application in your samsung galaxy note 2 and can know who is the person. on truecaller mobile application you can register mobile number from which you receive call and then it will give you the name of the person for which the SIM has been registered. it is another handy tool to know the unknown callers.

5 Secret Mobile Apps For Youngster To hide And Know Secrets

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5 Secret Mobile Apps For Youngster To hide And Know Secrets
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