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Solution Of Viber Problam In HTC One

how to solve viber problem in htc one mobile phone. how to end calls when using viber in htc one.

Solution Of Viber Problam In HTC One
Solution Of Viber Problam In HTC One

If you are using htc one android device then you may face viber problem in your mobile phone. lots of people who are using htc one mobile phones are having problem using viber. many people encountered major problem like when they are using viber and suddenly at that point of time if someone makes them call   then they are unable to end to call and end call button really doesn't work.

 This is becoming a major problem for all htc one users are using viber for making calls. so today i am going to give you the solution of this problem.

First of all update your viber software

The solution is very simple simply uninstall it and then again reinstall it. this will somewhere sort out the problem.

Main reason of vider problam in htc one

The main reason is faulty proximity sensor and it is hardware mistake actually. and the sad part id you can not improve it. Give it back to company and store and they will sort out the problam.

How to check faulty proximity sensor

 If you want to check the normal behaviour of your p-sensor which is called proximity sensor then dial this number *#*#3424#*#*

By this number you will be able to know actually what is the problem and how p-censor is functioning . so if it gives an error then you will have to give it back to the manufacturer company and wait for the solution of your problem and during using your phone if viber ask for update then you need to update the operating system of your htc mobile phones and also the viber.

So that the problem may be automatically sort it out , so these are the three solutions first reinstall and again install second check out the p sensor functionality and third is update your htc a mobile phone software.

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Solution Of Viber Problam In HTC One
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